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 Nobody. I'd like to have this experience just for me. My mom-dad. I would treasure portraits of either or both of my parents together with me. My mom may want to come for the whole time with me. My Daughter(s)/Son(s). I'd love to have a girls day out with my daughter(s) and I would love to have a portrait with my son(s). My Friend(s). It's time we had a fabulous girl's day out. We each need our own photos, and a group shot at the end. My partner. I'd like him or her to arrive at the end to get some portraits together and a few of just him-her on their own as well. My family. The girls can come in together to get styled, and the boys can arrive at the end to create a beautiful family portrait.

How would you like to be photographed? (Please select all that apply)
 Glamorous. Long gown or cocktail dress and the jewels. Classic. More on the dressy side, but not too formal. Professional. I'd like to use some images for work. Casual. Sexy. Daring dress or maybe even lingerie. Fantasy style. Let's get creative! Not sure. Let's discuss it.

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My name is Sophia.  I am an Artist, and photography is my chosen medium. I am also a mother, wife, friend and daughter, and believe relationships are the most important things in our lives. Capturing the spontaneous joy of relationships in portraiture – the love, the beauty, the energy – is what I strive for.  Capturing the inner essence of the individual in an image is what I thrive on!

I invite you to a portrait session, It will change the way you see yourself.


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